Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

This gentle manual manipulation reduces inflammation/swelling, bruising and pain following accidents, injuries and surgical procedures. MLD is sometimes called lymphatic massage. Lymphatic work is also useful for autoimmune issues, sinus/allergies, and digestive problems.

First time clients are encouraged to book a 90 min session for optimal outcomes and education. 

60 min session = $120 | 90 min session = $155

Customized Massage Therapy

I combine neuromuscular massage, cupping, orthopedic techniques, and manual lymphatic drainage to address your specific needs and concerns.

Massage therapy is proven to help your body and mind recover from the daily small and large stresses that we all face. Allow me to offer you safe, comforting and therapeutic touch to improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

60 min session = $120 | 90 min session = $155 | 120 min session = $215

Scar Tissue Work

Scar tissue results from surgeries, accidents, and burns. This thick, sometimes raised, fibrous tissue is not as pliable as normal healthy skin and is weaker in terms of tensile strength. A scar that we can see is often accompanied by scar tissue underneath the skin that we can’t see but can feel especially as it affects range of motion. Scars received years ago (even in childhood) can have a limiting effect on mobility and optimal muscle usage.

I use a combination of modalities to positively affect the look but most importantly the mobility/functionality of the affected and adjacent areas. Scar work can be included within any session.

knee with long surgical scar

white woman on a massage table receiving a scalp massage

Head, Jaw, and Neck Work

Tension or chronic headaches can be a result of too much device time, dry eyes, smiling too much during Zoom meetings, and non-optimal work, sleep and driving posture. Many clients tell me they didn’t know their face or even scalp could hold so much tension….well, it does for many of us.

I had TMD/TMJ issues most of my life and was a Project Manager in the corporate world for 20+ years. So, I know how important and necessary head, face, jaw and neck work is in just about every therapy session. I also perform intraoral work (wearing gloves) when necessary to reduce jaw pain. This work can be included within any session.

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