What to Expect

You can text or call me to schedule your appointment. 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions are offered. You are welcome to pay before or after your appointment. All credit cards and HSA/FSA debit cards are accepted.

You will receive a confirmation text a day or two before your appointment. Please reply to that text as soon as possible to confirm your appointment or provide a 24-hour cancellation.

On the day of your appointment, refrain from using any colognes, perfumes, or heavy make-up. If you are recovering from surgery that entails wearing a compression garment or faja, please wear it to your appointment. 

When you arrive, come into the office and make yourself at home in the inviting and soothing waiting room. There is a restroom and water dispenser available while you wait. Turn off or silence your cell phone upon arrival. 

Our first appointment will involve a longer intake discussion so that I know your specific needs, expected outcomes and your detailed medical history.

Because I have been a coach and trainer for much of my corporate career, I love to explain what I’m doing and WHY during our session. It is up to you how much we talk or DON’T during your session.

After our session is complete, we will discuss next steps, including future treatment, schedule future appointments and pay for the session (if you did not pay before).